Xeno Crisis: a new game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Dreamcast, Nintendo Switch and Steam

Created by Bitmap Bureau

Xeno Crisis is a new game for the Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Nintendo Switch and Steam. It's a top-down arena shooter for up to 2 players that is best described as Smash TV meets Aliens! Run and gun your way through thousands of enemies spread over 6 areas as you attempt to discover the cause of the alien menace.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fourth stretch goal achieved! New stretch goal and video…
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jan 07, 2018 at 03:29:23 PM

We've achieved our fourth stretch goal and now have just under 3 days remaining! We’re now over 280% funded - a massive thanks to all of you who have backed and supported us along the way!

Stretch Goals

Added - Blast Processing

We’re pleased to confirm that with the fourth stretch goal reached we’ll be pushing the Mega Drive to its limits with even more features, modes and additions for all backers!

£65,000 - Nintendo Switch and Steam Ports

We’re announcing a new stretch goal to port Xeno Crisis to the Nintendo Switch and for Steam on PC/Mac/Linux. We love the Nintendo Switch and think it’ll be great to play Xeno Crisis on a handheld device (for those of us that don’t own a Sega Nomad!).


We’ve added a new £10 pledge for those of you who just want the Nintendo Switch or Steam PC/Mac/Linux version, but backers of any Xeno Crisis pledge will be able to add-on £10 to their pledge to receive the Nintendo Switch or Steam PC/Mac/Linux version (you will be able to choose which version you want in a survey after the campaign).

New Video

We’ve put together a new video with some more single player and co-op footage for you. Backers can expect more exclusive previews of Xeno Crisis action in the coming weeks and months!


2-player footage sneak peek! 5 days to go…
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jan 05, 2018 at 12:12:12 AM

We’re well on the way to our fourth stretch goal with 5 days to go! Thanks to everyone for backing Xeno Crisis and those upgrading their pledges with add-ons! Please keep the comments and suggestions flying in, we’ve had some great ideas so far. 


We’ve been back in the office a couple of days and whilst we prepare an updated video with some new footage, we have a sneak peek of some 2-player co-op action to share.

We hope you like it!

Third stretch goal achieved! New stretch goal and add-ons...
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jan 04, 2018 at 03:27:22 PM

Another stretch goal achieved! We are now over 225% funded with 10 days still to go! Thank you as always for all the excellent suggestions and feedback, please keep those coming!


Stretch Goals

Added - New area, boss and translations

We’re pleased to confirm with the third stretch goal reached we will now be adding in a 6th area, another boss and translations into the game! Meaning more high quality content for all backers.

£55,000 - Blast Processing

We’re announcing a new stretch goal “Blast Processing” - with this stretch goal we’ll be pushing the Mega Drive to its limits with a whole range of features and additions to the game including:

  • Bonus stage
  • Boss rush mode
  • Extra enemies
  • Speed run seeds

We’ll also look to add where possible (after technically assessing and gameplay testing) a range of other backer requested extras like gore mode and a knife attack.

New and Existing Add-ons

After popular demand we’re now adding an OST CD release as an add-on, which can be yours by adding a further £10 to your existing pledge.

Limited vinyl OST release (placeholder artwork)
Limited vinyl OST release (placeholder artwork)

We’re also pleased to announce a special add-on we will be making a limited OST Vinyl release available as an add-on by adding a further £25 to your existing pledge.

For those that haven’t already realised, you can take advantage of the Dreamcast CD add-on by adding a further £20 to your existing Mega Drive physical release pledge - you will receive a Dreamcast CD, and if you're already backing the Mega Drive Kickstarter Edition or higher then your Dreamcast CD add-on will also be the Kickstarter Edition.

We will be sending out a survey after the campaign to confirm everyone’s add-ons and cartridge/box preferences.

Over 200% funded! New images and a special limited pledge...
over 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 07:29:14 PM

Thanks to the growing community supporting Xeno Crisis we are now over 200% funded and we continue to march ever closer to our next stretch goal. Thank you for all the excellent suggestions and feedback, please keep those coming and we’ll try to address them as best we can between all the festivities.

New tile-set and intro images

Hot off the press are some preview images of the tile-set for another area in the game, the research laboratory. This area is where we get an insight into some of the tests and experiments being undertaken at Outpost 88.


The tile-set is deliberately much lighter than the other areas to emphasize the clinical laboratory nature, but we also hope to have fun playing with the palette dynamically in the game with lighting effects as we trick, tease and scare the player(s).


Above is another preview, this time of a space station from part of the intro cutscene; the marines are departing in their dropship to investigate the distress signal.

Special Limited Pledge

We have a new pledge to announce but it’s limited to just two lucky backers - we want to give you the chance to create one of the key parts of the game:

Design a Boss

Become a part of 16-bit gaming history by working with our team to design your very own boss. No artistic skills are needed (the amazing Henk Nieborg will make your creation come to life!) but you will need a huge passion for gaming and some good ideas!

Our team of programmers, artists and sound designers will work with you to plan out your boss design. If you want to add that extra wow factor - we will look at some of the more advanced and clever Sega Mega Drive / Genesis programming tricks and techniques with you. We will bring your boss design to life for you and you’ll be able to design the gameplay dynamic, hitboxes, boss ai and special techniques.

You will be given access to test builds throughout development to refine the boss’ game dynamics, working closely with our team at every step of the way. You will be able to share your creation on social media throughout development, or keep it secret to yourself as a surprise for player(s) - the choice is yours.

This pledge also comes complete with the Kickstarter Edition rewards for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive and Dreamcast.

Dreamcast confirmed! Second stretch goal achieved. New enemies and more...
over 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 12:46:13 PM

It’s been just over a week, we’ve hit our second stretch goal and we’re now 183% funded! Thank you to everyone who has support Xeno Crisis and given us some great feedback and suggestions.

We can now confirm Xeno Crisis is coming to the Dreamcast!

We’re pleased to announce we’re adding a Kickstarter Edition for Dreamcast with similar extras to the Mega Drive version. Including your name as a hostage in-game, stickers, postcards and an enamel pin-badge.

For those that didn’t spot in the comments we will also be giving all physical release Dreamcast backers a CDI digital download. (All physical release Mega Drive backers will also be getting the Mega Drive ROM download in the same manner).

We’re also aware as with the Mega Drive release that some people just want the CDI digital download, so we’re now adding a further 2 new pledges: one for the Dreamcast CDI and another for the Mega Drive + Dreamcast digital downloads.

Female Marine Update

We’ve got updated female marine animations to share, where we’ve looked to make her more marine like.


We’re sticking with the beret and long hair though as it looks better and more distinctive at the small pixel size.


Pledge Add-ons

Just to confirm to those that haven’t seen in the comments, if you are backing a physical release of the Mega Drive version by adding £20 to your pledge you will receive the Dreamcast version too. If you also want multiples of any pledge (excluding Collector’s edition), please contact us and we can get you to increase your pledge and take note of your extra purchase(s).

New Enemies



From a distance these appear to be some kind of harmless looking plant, but if you stray close enough to them they will immediately open up, shooting projectiles in 4 directions from its inner pistil. Only vulnerable when open and capable of attacking from distance, these can be a menace.



A disgusting lifeform that can seemingly appear from the floor without warning. Although they're rooted to the spot they take many hits to eradicate, and are capable of defending themselves by launching a projectile directly towards anything it deems hostile.